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A-level Classes Online 

Tutors4exams is an online school that teaches A-levels by live classes over the internet. It suits students who have no access to regular A-level classes and those who prefer to attend classes from their homes.

We are different from distance learning courses because we teach regular live classes where students can interact with teachers. We have also kept all school features that help students succeed: (i) homework with challenging questions and solutions and, (ii) fortnightly written assessments that are marked and returned to students for feedback.

Curriculum and Teaching Programme 

We teach the Pearson (Edexcel) International A-levels which are modular in structure. Each A-level subject comprises six modules and each module is taught over 10 weeks by three hourly evening classes per week.  A full A-level is completed over six 10-week periods that span two academic years - the AS is completed in the first year and the A2 in the second year. Each year, teaching is done from September to April which gives students ample time for revision before examinations. Here is our teaching schedule and timetable for the current programme. 

Examinations and Certification

Our courses lead to the Edexcel (Pearson) International A-level (IAL) exams that are independent of schooling. This means that our students can sit their AS-level or A-level exams at approved examination centres around the world as private candidates and earn A-levels without attending a formal school.  

International A-levels are modular. Each module can be examined independently of other modules at three different opportunities in a year (January, June and October). Certification requires that students take the examinations of all modules of a subject.

The subjects we offer

We currently offer International A-levels in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The list of subjects offered may expand with demand so please check this site regularly for new subjects.

Examination Boards

Our teaching covers the respective subject syllabuses of the Pearson Edexcel International A-level. Other examination boards may envisage somewhat different material for their subjects and, although our classes will be beneficial for all students irrespective of examination board, our courses may not offer full support for other examination boards such as CIE, AQA or OCR.  

Attending our online courses

You need access to the internet with a reasonably high speed connection (10 Mbps) to attend live classes and to access online material. You will also need an email to receive notifications. Each class will be available as a recording for 48 hours after its teaching so missing a class does not mean missing the knowldge.

Admission Criteria

Our courses are open to anyone who wishes to enrol. However, to make sense of what we teach, you should have already studied the relevant subjects at GCSE level or equivalent. By "equivalent" we broadly mean typical secondary school curriculum that national schooling systems envisage their students to have covered by age 16. We certainly don't want you to waste money but, as you pay incrementally, you can assess your progress and decide whether or not to continue. 

Our Teachers

Our teachers are enthusiastic and very experienced. You can review teacher CVs but you can also experience short sample online classes in our subject pages

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for each module of an IAL (a module is a 10-week course) is 500 euro. As there are six modules per subject the total tuition fee per subject sums up to 3000 euro, but students pay only for the module they attend and have no obligation to pay for further modules. Tuition fees are payable in advance and include all the teaching, provision of homework exercises and their solutions as well as tutor marking of fortnightly written assessments.

Our Right to cancel

Tutors4exams has the right to cancel a module if the number of enrolled students falls below four. Consequently a module may not be offered in a subject cycle. However as modules will be running every year the same module can be taken in the programme of the following year. Tuition fees that have been paid will be fully refunded if a module is cancelled.

Our Credentials

Our on-line courses are new but we are not. We have been teaching pre-university and A-level courses for 30 years in Greece, under the name “Foundation College”. Since 1988 we have successfully prepared over 3500 students who have progressed to UK universities. We have had some very high profile international achievements including the 2015 Pearson prize for the world's highest grade in International A-level (IAL) Mathematics and the 2017 Pearson prize for the world's highest grade in IAL Further Mathematics. Our students also won the highest country grades in Biology, Physics and Chemistry in 2017. 

Are you interested?

If you are interested in studying for your A-levels online tell us about the reasons that make you want to study online and tell us how we could change our proposed courses to suit your needs. Your feedback is important to us. We hold live meeting using the same platform that we teach on so you can ask your questions every Saturday at 7 pm (CET). Tune on meeting 235 494 3699 on the zoom platform and learn more about our online classes.

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- Ask your questions every Saturday at  7pm CET (Central European Time)

Download the zoom platform from zoom.us and join meeting with ID: 235 494 3699 every Satusday at 7 pm (CET). Meet the director of the programme and ask any questions about our online classes.

- Top grade in the world in international A-levels from one of our students

After Ioannis K who won the Edexcel prize scoring the highest grade in the world in A-level (IAL) Mathematics in 2015 we just learned that Manolis A achieved the highest grade in the world in 2017 in IAL Further Mathematics. Given that our students represent less than 0.5 % of the total students taking these international qualifications we are very proud of these achievements.

- Country prizes in International A-levels:

In 2017 our students also won three important country prizes. Amalia C scored the highest grades in Greece in IAL Biology and IAL Chemistry while Manolis A (who got the highest grade in the world in Further Mathematics in the same year) also got the highest grade in Greece in IAL Physics.


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